Welcome to my Museum of Antique Dental Instruments.

My name is Dr. Gregory Ribitzky , I am a dentist . My dental clinic is located in the town of Beer Sheba- the city of Abraham and the capital of the Negev Desert, Israel.
This website is non-commercial and is based entirely on the items held in my private dental antiques collection .
Each photo is English titled and can be enlarged by clicking on it. (At the moment- detailed descriptions are available in Hebrew only)
Every instrument in the collection has to meet at least one of the following criteria:
a. Age- at least 100
b. Mode of action- long forgotten
c. Made of materials no longer in use in medical instruments -gold, silver, mop, bone, ivory or wood
d. Beautiful and ornate
I hope that after exploring my antique dental artifacts, my patients will come to realize, how lucky they are, to be treated in the 21st century:
Had they come into my office with an aching tooth and a swollen face 100 years ago,I would probably initially bleed them for about a liter of blood, just for the sake of their general well-being.
In 1742- I would have extracted the tooth (usually along with a part of a jaw) using a door key like instrument.
Commoners would be treated using crude, wooden handled implements. On the wealthy- I would use exquisite, ivory or MOP handled instruments.

dental Antiques

All of the above - without any kind of anesthesia , without protective gloves , while the blood of the previous patient oozes into the cracks in the handles.

You may now enter the Museum and have a good time!